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April 24, 2014


Need to Know

World Conference Keynotes Announced

A graffiti artist, a naval commander, and General Motor’s senior vice president of global quality and customer experience are among the group of keynote speakers set to speak at the 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement, held May 5 – 7 in Dallas, TX. The theme is “The Global Impact of Quality” and the focus areas of the conference include customer relationships, risk management, building and sustaining a culture of quality, making the case for quality, and quality fundamentals. Click to learn more about the speakers >

Live Stream the Keynote Speakers
Are you not able to attend the 2014 World Conference? That doesn’t mean you have to miss all of the keynote addresses! ASQ™ TV is live streaming three powerful keynote sessions directly from the conference site. You can access these sessions directly from wherever you are using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Click here to watch >

Need to Know

United Arab Emirates Journey Toward Excellence

To enhance the performance and competitiveness of organizations and the nation as a whole, in the 1990s, the visionary leaders of the United Arab Emirates instituted a number of strategic quality and excellence initiatives, such as Dubai Quality Award.

ASQ MENA is pleased to share 20 Years of Quality Milestones Mark United Arab Emirates' Journey to Excellence, written by Sunil Thawani, ASQ Fellow and country counselor – UAE. Click here to read the case study >

Quality Contribution to the Success of Social Responsibility Programs

The possibility that human societies will achieve environmental sustainability has been, and continues to be, questioned—in light of environmental degradation, global warming, overconsumption, and societies' pursuit of indefinite economic growth in a closed system.

Organizations worldwide are seeking to become more socially responsible organizations (SRO) hence responding more clearly and strategically to amplified stakeholder’ demands on this front. Consequently, the concern over incorporating sustainability and social responsibility into the business agenda of organizations has increased significantly. 

This case study was written by Nancy Nouaimeh, ASQ Local Member Community - Dubai chairperson. Click here to read >

Quality in Telephonic Interviews

Having successful phone interviews can be tricky. Neetu Choudhary, ASQ Local Member Community - Dubai Member, put together a document of best-practice tips that applicants might find useful. Click here to read >

2014 Meirc Conference a Success

The 2014 Meirc Conference, held April 2 - 3, 2014 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, took an in-depth look into what makes organizations excellent. It explored deeper into what organizations can learn from best practices in the field in order to start their own journey to excellence. Click here to learn more about the conference >

Key Dates

May 5 -7, 2014

World Conference on Quality and Improvement - Dallas, TX, USA

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